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Updates as of 14/9

posted Sep 13, 2010, 2:23 PM by Unknown user
Ohoho, that title sounds so pro.

Anyway: as mentioned in recent posts by my esteemed colleagues, I have finally broken the language barrier with Google Sites and managed to change the background to a seriously cool feather wallpaper I found before :)
I also made new party/at-home kits logos to match the background cos I felt the old ones didn't match our website: and I think Mr Woo was being super-sarcastic when he said they did =.=
Finally, I changed the theme to something better, cos our old notebook theme didn't look that good anymore with the background, so I made the theme Rounders, took off the top title, made the logo heaps bigger.
I also added a count-down meter until our annual closure and a text box in the sidebar, and basically spaced out random things.

So, right now all that basically needs to happen as far as the website is concerned is a MASSIVE editing process, checking for spelling, grammer, aesthetic appeal, etc.

Lali signing off now! =.=