Storing && Retrieving

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Reasons for S&R
Example in manual system
Example in computer-based system
1. To allow the other processes to take place
(a) Sorting elements using insertion sort, through the process of moving files in a filing cabinet (Organising)
Storing elements in a database make it easier to sort (Organising)
 (b) You can't search for a number in a telephone directory if the data inside the directory wasn't stored in a book-like format. (Analysing)
Storing data in a spreadsheet gives the option of displaying the data in a graph or chart. (Analysing)
 (c) You need a medium on which to change the data in a telephone book. You have to store the results somewhere otherwise they would be meaningless.
Caching data can speed up processing by calculating required information ONCE. (Processing)
2. To allow for a temporary halt in the system
Moving an office with paper files would be easy if the paper was stored in a (filing) cabinet as you only have to move the cabinet and not each individual file.
Storing data in non-volatile memory allows data to be stored and retrieved even when the power is turned off. Eg HDD, CD, USB etc.
3. Backup and recovery
Storing copies of receipts and forms (eg Carbon Copy) in an area separate from where the master copy is kept may give a backup in case of fire.
Backing up a portion of files on a computer is vital in making sure any important files with have a version to revert to in the event of an accident. Eg back-up hard drive.