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IPT Preliminary Exam Review

posted May 5, 2010, 4:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 9, 2010, 11:00 PM ]
In my IPT preliminary I made mistakes in the multiple choice. I didn't always choose the BEST answer.
Q8. This was a silly mistake as I didn't read the other options.
Q9. Salami fraud does occur because of the nature of numerical data but the main reason why it occurs is becasue Bank statements do not show all the required data, which is an issue of data integrity.
Q5. A certificate and medals are not information while names of winning students and things on the certificate is information.
Q4. A computerized voting system quickly and accurately determines the winning candidates in each electorate. I misread this question and didn't read the first option.
Q11. 65,536 numbers can be represented while 65,365 is the largest number that can be represented
Q19. If designing a system is HUMAN CENTRED than it must be a scoial issue as social means dealing with people
Overall, my performance in multiple choice was atrocious and to improve for next exam, I must read every question carefully and properly and look for key words in the question that tell me what the question is mainly about. I should check my answers thoroughly to ensure there is no silly mistakes.

In the short answer I did better than I did in multiple choice but there were still many questions that which I could improve on or expand.
Q21. a) In the system diagram, I lost one mark due to incorrectly giving an example of Organising, as Organising is DETERMINING THE FORMAT SO THAT THE DATA CAN BE USED BY OTHER PROCESSES not sorting data into alphabetical order or other ways of sorting. First, I did actually answer something quite close to Mr. Woo's sample answer but changed it for some reason. I must also be concise with my answers e.g. hardware that prints should be called printer. 

Q21. d)I did assess the value of IT in this information system but did not give enough detail on the specific process, I just mentioned them in a more broad manner. For this part I DNAQ as the Q asks for SPECIFIC reference. I also stated that IT eliminates the error that humans make but in reality they only reduce the error as IT can also make errors themselves. For this question I lost marks unnecessarily as I could easily have added more detail for specific processes and not over stated the elimination of an error.

Q22 a)For this question about the iPad, I stated that a customer downloading books is a case of storing and retrieving but Mr. Woo explained to me that it is more Transmitting and Receiving between the Bookstore and the iPad. Storing and Retrieving occurs when the customer downloads a book and stores on his iPad for offline use. This question was clearly a misunderstanding for me about the different processes e.g. Transmitting and receiving and Storing and retrieving.

Q22 b) Ergonomics is to do with the physical being of a human not how their mental state affects their productivity. This is the mistake I made in this question as I stated that portability improves morale and thus improving productivity. That is correct but it is not an ergonomic issue, which means that it is not answering the question. Yet again, I made another mistake not answering the question.

Q23. b) In this question I mentioned the differences between bitmap and vector data but did not correctly explain why a full colour photograph would be more suited for storing as a bitmap. I mentioned that photographic images cannot be edited using vector and colour fills are harder to use in a vector. The answer was actually full colour photographs are difficult to be expressed in mathematical formula.  
My performance in the short answer was much better than multiple but I must read the question properly and specifically answer according to the question. I should also expand more on ideas relevant to the question and learn the specific details behind why/how everything happens.

Overall, in the entire exam my performance was really bad and much worse that what i wanted to get and what makes it worse is that half of the questions I got wrong seemed so easy after Mr. Woo explained them. i also made many mistakes by not reading the question and possible choices correctly. i must improve on what I did wrong in this exam in order to get a decent mark next time.