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Yearly Exam Review

posted Sep 2, 2010, 5:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 2, 2010, 11:36 PM ]
In mutliple choice, I got 4 questions wrong.

3. The answer that I put was that Jack could not legally reproduce any of the content that he downloaded but he could reproduce it as long as he acknowledged the source of the data. It was within the law to reproduce the content if he had acknowledged where he had got it from.

14. this question was just an idiotic mistake by me as I had eliminated the other three options but just put a cross in the wrong box.

18. I immediately eliminated A and D as they were completely incorrect options. Therefore the answer was to be between B and C, however the question asked for what is NOT a potential ethical issue and as B was an ethical issue the correct answer was to be C. This was because the degradation of a storage medium is not an ethical issue, it is just a physical issue. 

19. This was a question that nobody in the class got right. The reason why i got it wrong was because I misunderstood digital data to be binary data and said that digital data could only be stored in one of two states. Digital data, is in fact an approximation of a continuous data source and now I remember learning this when we were studying video data in Term 1. 

Overall in the multiple choice, I felt that I could have improved by checking through my responses next time and ensuring that I read the entire question properly. Other than that I felt that I have improved in multiple choice from my half-yearly.

In short answer, I lost 2 1/2 marks .
21 c) In this response in justification, I did not know enough distinct points about the advantages and I tended to mention the same point twice. This question was one where I simply did not three advantages of satellite phone. there were no sill mistakes but I just did not understand the responses needed to answer the question.

22 a)Here I lost 1/2 mark because I thought that transmitting and receiving was data traveling between one phone and another however, in fact data is first transmitted to Facebook servers, that mediate this process. I almost got the process correct and that is why I just lost a mark.

23 b) In this question, I said that RGB values of (225, 239, 35) would produce a colour of a purple shade. This response that I wrote was because I had a mind blank and got mixed up between Red and Green (yellow) and Red and Blue (magenta). This was a mistake that I made as I had not studied hard on this topic.

Overall, in the short answer, I performed well due to the fact that I always read the HSC keyword and entire question properly. I also see the number of marks it is worth. The only way I can improve in multiple-choice is to next time study harder on topics that we had covered in class rather than the basics in the text book.

I feel that I have improved a lot since my half-yearly result and this was because i studied hard. For the next exam, I should manage my time better so that I can revise the multiple choice to weed out any careless mistakes. I should really have got 44 1/2 because of the fact that what I did for Question 14 was plain stupid. Overall, I am pleased with my result.