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08/03 ~ Displaying

posted Mar 7, 2010, 2:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 7, 2010, 11:02 PM ]
Summary of Lesson:
Displaying is the process that outputs information for end-users in a form that non-participants can access.
... (Need to get from Lali's book, late)
  1. List three information informartion systems you use daily, explaining how displaying is central to that systems' purpose.
  2. Can you think of any information system where displaying doesnt take place?
  1. Three information systems I use daily are my:
    • Mobile - The main purpose of a mobile is to provide easy and independent communication that can be used basically anywhere (you need a signal thingy). Displaying is a very important and prominent part of a mobile. Displaying occurs in two ways; the audio from a ringtone, alarm etc. and the display or information on the screen. In this device, displaying alerts us of when someone is calling (sound) and who is calling (visual). If displaying did not occur, the phone would not work as effectively.
    • Laptop - The main difference between a laptop and a computer is that a laptop is (more) portable (which I'm sure you already knew x) There are many purposes of a computer  (since I didnt know the main one, I refered to wikianswers - x) - and here is what it said, I quote "With ever increasing availability of more complex and dynamic operating systems, the primary use of a computer is only limited to the imagination and technical know how of the user." - therefore implying that there are many, many purposes) HOWEVER, whatever the purpose, displaying is a major, major part of system's purpose, hence the reason we have a huge screen! and speakers and stuff. I'm not really sure how to explain this properly... so I'll get back to you on it =]
    • Ipod -  An Ipod's primary purpose is to provide a portable, compact device to carry around audio in. Displaying again occurs in the two forms of audio and visual - the screen lets you see stuff as you look through the Ipod. The audio displaying part of a Ipod is definetely more important than te visual as without an output of sound, it wouldn't serve its purpose. and and and, Ipod shuffles (the old ones) prove my statement (Y).
  2. I think it would be silly to have an information system that doesn't do the process of displaying, because for me as an end-user, it's probably the most important. Sadly, my brain isn't samrt enough to think of an information system that doesnt display at all. However, here are two information systems where displaying is not thaaaaaat big =]
    • An internet router - other than the little lights that run along the side which are actually quite important, displaying isnt very prominent in this system.
    • An USB - this has virtually no displaying, however my traitorous USB has failed me and a green light flashes when I first insert it into the computer and when I'm copying stuff onto it.
However, after discussing this over with Mr. Woo, I find that both systems that I have listed actually do do quite a bit of displaying. Firstly, the USB we decided, was really a part of the computer (like an add-on) it can exist on it's own but not in a form that we can use, the computer does the displaying for it. Think of it this way, the computer = human body and USB = eye. A body is a system, but within that system there are several oter systems i.e. the eye. The eye carries out functions on its own but need to the rest of the body for displaying and full use i.e. needs blood, signals from brain, movement of muscles etc. This is similar to the way a USB exists. Secondly, an internet routeran exist on its own, but its function is to send it output stuff to the computer so that we can access whatever it has to offer. Te computer again does the central displaying for it. Soooo, in conclusion, I have a really dumb brain that is incapable doing this question. x)  The End. Fini.