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Not exactly Notes ;)

posted May 5, 2010, 12:28 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 5, 2010, 1:15 AM ]
I was again procrastinating by looking through the WooRandomFiles Site, and here are some interesting and TERRIFYING things, I've discovered.
  1. Mr. Woo looks very awesome in high school, when he first made this sight, in the second post in the "News" Section, he was trialing different media types. The cool Mr. Woo can be viewed here: The one thing I have to say is, Mr. Woo spent alot of time in Maths taking photos x)
  2. This course is not going to be as relaxing and cool as last term! From reading Mr. Woo's last HSC class's stuff, it looks like crazy stuff is coming at us. AHHHHH, I'm kinda veyr freaked out.
  3. There's so much stuff uploaded onto this site, so manudocuments and stuff. However, the site hasn't become "full" yet like Chandra's did last year. I wonder why....
Note to Self: Enjoy Prelim Year, Make Chap. 3 Science Notes, Be Nerdy, Be Cool, do Maths Past Papers, Get a Life.
EDIT: Ruse looked a lot lot lot different back then! My favourite photos are the ones of Ruse, it's kinda cool to think we had a semi-valley-ish oval thingo, and a LOOTTT of grasss, cooooooool, right? I guess T block not existing would give Ruse a lot more space x)  They also had really good daffodils for daffodil day. The ones we get nowadays are crappy :( GLOBAL WARMING, i think?... The ones "back in Mr. Woo's time" are like PRETTY!  Lol, one thing about Ruse that hasn't changed is the hall in exam time :L Same chairs, same table, same clocks that you wish would go slower x)