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The Candy Shop Returns

posted Oct 18, 2010, 4:03 PM by Unknown user
Heya :)
So, overall the areas that let us down were: group register and how we innovate with technology.
Group Register: OK, considering we didn't  post for two weeks straight, i guess this is understandble but still OUCH!, Iunno if anything else was the matter but four missing posts is horrible :
How We innovate with Technology -  We didn't address information systems so we failed D:
Aesthetically we died in logo and inconsistency of fonts which personally I don't agree with, sorry.
fav Comment:::: "Where's rthe pictures in coporate blog? I want to look at food porn! FRood pron is missing =(" such an AWESOME comment. haha, yay for food porn :)
haha, not a brilliant mark but I'm too happy to be properly depressed, I spent the morning teaching people the sweet corn calendar of operations dance, it's super awesome! and it actually works!!!   :)
-Thanyaa and the cookiewolf