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Thanya's Register


posted Apr 18, 2010, 4:09 PM by Unknown user

Sigh, it's like the FIRST day of school, first period == and we got our IPT assignments back, and it was slightly, sorta, really epic fail == Gosh. Anyways, this whole post is meant to be about reflection i.e. what I will improve if I had to do it again.

 I have some serious work to do in improving my project as a whole. My actual mark is average, it's not good, but it isn't exactly fail/bad, it's just average, and right now average is ok, I can deal with average. The following reflection includes stuff that Mr. Woo and I have both discussed as failing points in my assignment.

Mr. Woo gave me some general feedback and here's what he said (not in these exact words of course, Mr. Woo is kinda nice, and he tried to be subtle, but I know what his real meaning was. This reflection is for me to improve, honesty is prime, I need to accept that I had serious problems in order to move forward. Being subtle or "nice" to myself is going to benefit me in the long run):

  • My project is a mess in the sense that I need to learn to sort of ideas into solid paragraphs and not type like I'm talking because it's meant to be formal and stuff. Apparently he could hear me talking in my report which isn't a good thing. Anyways, I found the main thing is, I got my "really" good parts in all the random stuff that aren't really important that anyone can do == sigh. It's actually kind of depressing =[ Like this register thingy, I was apparently the ok-est out of everyone, but I mean COME ON, how hard is it to do this, its like a nerdy diary == And apparently I was also really good for my promo (Mr. Woo can;t really remember xP) now again, I'm not sure if this is because of Lali's pro colour co-ordination skills or it's because, well, the stuff (info) I included in it was good, you know what I mean? Like, if the way I tried to attrat ppl to the club or whatever. Sigh, so right now, it's pretty depressing being me, that I can assure you. I mean, ANYONE would feel sad if the only good parts of their assignment was all the easy stuff. Sigh, I am so fail. I really want to improve on this whole FORMALNESS aspect, it's really and truly bugging me. To combat this issue I have, I plan on organising my ideas more thoroughly and drawing up a PLAN of what I want to produce beforehand instead of just put it all in because I dont want to leave any out! From now on, I'm going to decide on a topic or sub-point of a huge topic to talk about in a paragraph and stick to it. Also, I will not include the prices and such figures in my fundraising options instead, I will be awesome and say "Refer to Economic Feasibility in regard to financial information or something equally coolish. I want to keep the same amount of detail I had, as Mr. Woo said I was quite detailed. So, here's my final plan: Be succint and plan layouts and structure of report. Remember to Paragraph and use bullet points, headings and so forth. AND ARGH, I just noticed that I've already violated my new plan, just take a look at this paragraph, it's HOPELESS! oh dear me. ==

BREAKKKK, I'm off to read the BESTEST people's stuff to see how I can improve.

And ARGH..... I just read Vithoo's and it is, like, arghhhh so gooooooood. == He's all formal and LOOOONNGGG and his detail is so ORGANISED, pssssh. Why can't I be formal like him? And his Gantt Chart, I'm gonna go scab his super skills off him one day. == This is incredibly depressing. == Vithoo is depressing, sigh. I don't think I have it in me to read anymore awesome stuff, I'm gonna call it a day, so depressing. so depressed.
29/04/2010: CONTINUING ON x)
OK, I'm back, let's not talk bout IPT halfie, gosh, Ive forgotten the rest of the stuff I was going to write up here. I blame it on awesome work that depressed me. And man, I sounded really sad and pathetic in the last few lines I wrote up here on the first day of school :L teeehehe, I'm kinda over it now. No point being depressed, right?
  • My presentation although received full marks was remarked upon as follows. "too much text; very small & difficult to read from a distance)... also meant that you were presenting to the smartboard and not to the class!" I think this is a very fair point to make and I believe it once again demands refinement of my summarising and being succint skills. I need to grasp the concept of "simple heading, simple points - detail". I shouldn't have just typed up the stuff the way I was planning to say it. This made my presentation both crappy and te time I spent making the powerpoint and concentrating on performing an "ad lib" talk was wasted. I have significant improvement to make here as well, it relates back to my issue of clarity. It's basically like, fix that, fix alot. Not everything, but alot.
  • The next point I would like to make is in regard to my economic feasibility. I can for the life of me remember what I did wrong == maybe it was because I struggled so much with it, and that came through in the way I wrote about it? I cannot remember. I took a look at Sumedh's because his was the best in this sector. However this has not helped me. Partly because when I was away, our class covered alot of the processes and I took my notes from his note thingo, which I never actually acknowledged == therefore, the way we "presented" things was much the same. SInce, I drilled into my head his method of approach. :\ I'm not awesome enough to identify differences we made. I do however know, that I must learn some way to combat this problem in the near future, I'll get back to you on this. I'm very concerned bout this sector, because one this was the place I lost the half mark in my project, therefore Mr. Woo also fond it crappier than the rest and secondly it was the bit that I well and truly struggled with. So, this is an urgent matter I must approach, as I have always been concerned bout it, and now Mr. Woo as found it insufficient too.

That wraps up my mini-reel for today. I'll be back some other time to clear up the economic feasibility bit, until then x)

Submitting the Project Electronically

posted Mar 30, 2010, 4:28 AM by Unknown user

OK, I lied, I'm back again, to cause you more grief with my incessant rambling and bad grammar x)
AND, this time it's coming at you in the form of 12 pages of size 11 calibri font, enjoy.
OR, as the French would say before a healthy meal, Bon Appetit! (cause I know computers eat words (:   )
OK, just to clarify for Mr. Woo, The title page and solo project attachments are self-explanatory. The "Poster.docx.pdf" is the large poster I will stick outside the Alan Best block to show/mark my club territory and the "Poster2.pdf" is the actual poster I will use as my promotional item. The small half page I gave you today Mr. Woo, is just a pamphlet (that is a smaller version of the "Poster.docx.pdf") that can be handed out by members to encourage other people to join the club. I want to keep a certain degree of uniformity between the poster and promotional item because it helps people connect with my club better if they see similar posters everywhere instead a million different formats. That's my personal opinion.


posted Mar 29, 2010, 5:29 AM by Unknown user

So, I've finally finished my project. After 2 1/2 gruelling hours of maths hw, and an hour of intense pressy making, I'm finally FINISHED! Yay! Hopefully, I'm all set for tomorrow.
Project has been neatly binded and is sitting in my bag ready to say goodbye to me tomorrow =] I know, it really hates me. This is a pretty pointless post. But I am truly finished now. Nothing left to do. x)
P.S. The register was probably the most funnest part of my project although I did enjoy calling up random shops and pretending that I really was going to start up a scrapbooking club. Those poor people will be so lost and sad when I don't call on Saturday like I promised too. TEEEEEHEHEHEHEHE. Hmmmm, remember ow in te beginning I thought of making a "pranking" club? Well, this is as close to pranking as I'll get; confusing people. :L
I'm tooo awesome x)

Winding Down x(

posted Mar 29, 2010, 12:29 AM by Unknown user

Welllll, the end is EXTREMELY near now. I've finished my title page! Score! With a ALOT of help from Lali x)
She is pure awesomenessssssss.
I've realised that a powerpoint presentation is actually very beneficial, and it would be worthwhile to do one.
My speech is more-so going to be "palm-card" free now x)
So, everything's been printed off. yay. and now it's just a matter of seeing if I can throw together a presentation and pull off a palm-card free presentation. I am so very nervous.
Teeehehe, I must be retarded, because I kinda feel this odd sense of accomplishment x)

Wrapping Up: Take two

posted Mar 28, 2010, 4:48 AM by Unknown user

OK, so this is definetely my second last post, I've now finised my poster that was meant to be the promotional item. The report is completely ready. Ive complied everything into one word document, recheck spelling and grammar a million times, although, I'm reallly bad at grammar, my sentence = one paragraph. FAIL. anyways, I'm nearly at the end! Tomorro is just typing up the near prefect speech, making a title page and if I have time all the math hw I might make a powerpoint pressy, jsut for the sake of it. Although I dont see the point in using one ==
I think despite my minature fiasco this weekend, I could have been ready to present tomorrow. But I'm already stressed from the weekend as it is so yeah. I apologise again Mr. Woo. SORRY.
OK, so now it's bedtime. Sleeeppyyyy x)

Wrapping Up

posted Mar 28, 2010, 2:13 AM by Unknown user

This is probably the second last entry, I'll ever make in this register. lol, it's been good times, not really, but that's what people always say at the end of stuff, so I thought I'd throw it in their too x)
After a hectic weekend, I'm finally back at home. I spent the last hour rechecking the Requirement Report, Feasibility STudy and Process Analysis to make sure everything is cool. Even after three weeks, the Gantt chart doesnt look partcularily artistic but it's the best I could do and I spent ages figuring out how to draw it out ==
I'm currently drawing up a contents page, which is very easy, after 2 fail attempts at making a title page on friday, I've given up on that for a while, and I'll return to it later tonight.
The speech has been roughly drafted on my drive back home and the promotional material will have to be completed tomorrow night because I'm just too tired to do it tonight. The actual report, apart from teh title page is looking good and I'm pleased with the outcome. Tomorrow, my mission at school is to stalk Lali and ask her what an attractive title page sould look like. The speech as mentioned before is a rough draft but I think I've covered everything I need to talk about on Tuesday. Tomorrow night will be dedicated to making a poster and typing up a speech. My title page was one of the first things to complete on my Gantt Chart...oh well. ==
Things have calmed down again, and I've now finished the contents page, back to the dreaded title page, whopeee... ==

Classtime for Project

posted Mar 24, 2010, 3:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 25, 2010, 1:03 AM ]

This period I plan on working on the presentation side of things. i find that I don't ever achieve much when I try to do anything SUBSTANIAL in class time. Therefore, today will be devoted to working out layout, presentation styles and forming a title page. I dont have my USB, so instead I'm just going to upload the images onto my web page and then go home and put everything together.
OK, so basically, I need to form together the pictures in a more collage-y way to create a suitable title page. I'm not really sure if we NEED a logo, I'm guessing not? But as far as professional scrapbooking goes, we need to include our logo at the back of each scrapbook. So... pretty presentation things I need to get a move on with.
  1. Brochure/Poster - haven't decided which on is more suitable yet
  2. Title Page
  3. Logo
  4. Basic Layout and Presentation.

My Progress

posted Mar 21, 2010, 3:22 AM by Unknown user

According to my Gantt Chart I should have completed the Process Analysis by now. However, being the procrastination queen, I am yet to complete this task. The Economic Feasibility is giving me a lot of strife. Today, I acquired help from two sources. Firstly, my dad has been given the job of keeping me on track with my work. I've given him a list of things he must hassle me about every day, and make sure I complete them. I also asked him to look over my Requirement Report, and he picked out some flaws in my planning in relation to time and money. My brother tried to help me out with my economic feasibility because I am not that into how and where I spend my money, I have urges, x(  My bro on the other hand, can pull apart everything that will be spent right down to the last cent. I knew I kept him around for a reason. ;)
I'm not as up to date as other people, and therefore I don't think there's any use in giving Mr. Woo my work, as he won't be able to return it to me in time. So, it looks like I'm on my own. Oh well, my fault for being so lazy. =[ The Project Marking Rubic is my new bible. It's the laws I live by. I was thinking about my presentation today, and even though I want to make a PowerPoint or some sort of visual aid, I'm not sure if it would be an effective helper or whatever. I plan to discuss my concerns with Mr. Woo tomorrow.
I haven't done any work on my project since Friday night, even though I did plan to do some today... I hate ag right now, and wish gardens never existed and birds are extinct. Working Bee was fun but post WB and musical-ing was even funner, and I'm still on my happy high x) I'm not as freaked out as I was last week, and I think my project is going well enough. My only regret is not finishing earlier so that I can ask Mr. Woo to comment on my work. =[
I plan to dedicate all of my tomorrow to maths hw, french and this project, and so I'm off now to tie up some loose ends of my ag project, which I will not be sorry to say good-bye to on Tuesday. =]

Andy Pandy's Project Analysis

posted Mar 14, 2010, 4:29 PM by Unknown user

Today, we were paried up and asked to evaluate the progress (and kind of check the quality) of each other's projects
Andy seems to be heading in the right direction in terms of work progress. He has so far kept to his Gantt Chart and is being responsible and organised. This group is all about cooking; mainly focusing on western foods and giving people the freedon of creative expression in a way that doesn't involve too much skill.
We revised and discussed his fundraising options:
1. $5 membership fee per month - I advised Andy against this as, Mr. Woo told me that he expects something a bit more in fundraising than asking people to input a memebership fee. Andrew said these funds gathered would go towards buying resources to cook with and implements to use.
2. Andy also plans to hold bake sales once a month or so - I think that bake sales are a reasonably good idea, and are appropriate to the type of club he wishes to form.
Edit: I never really got around to finishing this post, sorry Andrew! But I did tell him stuff over MSN and give him more feedback in class. And anyways, his presentation today was awesome. He doesn't need my random post for help. Good Work Andy Pandy! x)

The Gantt Chart

posted Mar 13, 2010, 9:47 PM by Unknown user

OK, so I've done a basic sketch and plan on paper and now I just need to trasfer it into excel. sigh. By the looks of it, I will considerably more rushed, and instead of 30 minutes a night, I'm increasing my work time to an hour a night, but being the procrastinator I am, who knows how this will turn out. Hopefully, the Gantt Chart I just produced is correct and caters for everything, just to be sure, I'm going to check against someone responsible (i.e. Lali, Varshi or Cheuk) tomorrow to make sure I am up to date.
My Gantt Chart now looks really cramped and very last minute-ish, which is really annoying me, GRRRR. Anyways, Betty was telling me that she was going to put in grey boxes to indicate when she actually finished the assigned task, do we have to do that? That might be beneficial, I'll consider it. I was also wondering, can there be breaks in the Gantt Chart? Like for example I completed my Gantt Chart a while ago, but i re-did it today, so technically I wasn't working on it for a period of time, so I "stopped and started" a section, can I show "Production of a Gantt Chart" in two seperate pieces on the same line or does it have to be a continuous line of  blocks? Im not too good with expression, so I'm hoping that made sense
MY MISSION: Edit Requirement Report ....and ask a friend to look over? (are we allowed to do that? :S)

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