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posted Mar 29, 2010, 5:29 AM by Unknown user
So, I've finally finished my project. After 2 1/2 gruelling hours of maths hw, and an hour of intense pressy making, I'm finally FINISHED! Yay! Hopefully, I'm all set for tomorrow.
Project has been neatly binded and is sitting in my bag ready to say goodbye to me tomorrow =] I know, it really hates me. This is a pretty pointless post. But I am truly finished now. Nothing left to do. x)
P.S. The register was probably the most funnest part of my project although I did enjoy calling up random shops and pretending that I really was going to start up a scrapbooking club. Those poor people will be so lost and sad when I don't call on Saturday like I promised too. TEEEEEHEHEHEHEHE. Hmmmm, remember ow in te beginning I thought of making a "pranking" club? Well, this is as close to pranking as I'll get; confusing people. :L
I'm tooo awesome x)