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Wrapping Up: Take two

posted Mar 28, 2010, 4:48 AM by Unknown user
OK, so this is definetely my second last post, I've now finised my poster that was meant to be the promotional item. The report is completely ready. Ive complied everything into one word document, recheck spelling and grammar a million times, although, I'm reallly bad at grammar, my sentence = one paragraph. FAIL. anyways, I'm nearly at the end! Tomorro is just typing up the near prefect speech, making a title page and if I have time all the math hw I might make a powerpoint pressy, jsut for the sake of it. Although I dont see the point in using one ==
I think despite my minature fiasco this weekend, I could have been ready to present tomorrow. But I'm already stressed from the weekend as it is so yeah. I apologise again Mr. Woo. SORRY.
OK, so now it's bedtime. Sleeeppyyyy x)