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Biometric Security Card Issues

posted May 5, 2010, 4:40 PM by Unknown user
The Australian Federal Government wants to combine all personal information (eg passport, drivers' license, medicare, bank account, Facebook) into one biometrically secure identity card. This would involve all data being centrally available to the government.
Outline all the social and ethical issues that this raises, and describe three in detail.
As a result of the combination of all personal combination into a single biometric card, there a variety of social and ethical issues which will be raised.
Such include the change in nature of work. As a result of the new biometric cards, everyone will have to switch from the current passport, credit card and bank account system to these new cards. If the transition is not conducted efficiently, there will be inconvenience issues to much of the Australian and global public.
Data security will become an issue as so far or to our knowledge, there is no proof that only appropriate data will be processed, everything else withheld. For example, a bank transaction should not be able to take up data based on your passport.
Privacy may also become an ethicial issue which may be brought up through this proposal. The federal government's proposal for the variety of data all to be placed in the one card can clash with privacy issues as data which is not necessary for a certain transaction may be taken, something such as credit card details which may be private information to the owner.