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My Exam

posted Sep 2, 2010, 5:49 PM by Unknown user
Here we are again...same place with the same mark. Well at least I know I tried hard, but of course i can do better. Multiple choice was bad as usual.. but my short answer was much worse.. especially towards the end. Hence, I am doubting whether i should be here..anyways..
Multiple choice:
Data compression is where i lost 2 marks, and i should have been able to realise where bias is bias in Q20.
Short answer:
One of the questions involved JUSTIFYING a question instead what i did (accounting). Hence, I did not answer the question effectively and revolved my answers over the wrong concept. The next question is where i did not recognise the IMPLICATIONS of data ownership. the word "implications" tossed me off-track, and my answer again did not revolve around the right concept. The next mistake is the mistake in colour, where i did not UNDERSTAND the question again. The wording of this question is what put me off (again). The last question is another example of NOT UNDERSTANDING THE QUESTIONS. I made points but did not point out the reasons to back these questions up.
To improve:
I believe that UNDERSTANDING the question was my problem. Hopefully i will do better next time. I should try simplify things more, and obviously study LESS. haha