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Starting requirement report! :D

posted Apr 2, 2012, 4:23 AM by Unknown user

Yea, so today i started my requirement report!
It's not quite finished, but that's okay, cause there's plenty of time.... i think.
Also according to my gantt chart, i'm meant to be posting this once a week, so i'm gonna keep this as a draft for now :)
Hey! Today we spent the period doing our Process Analysis! I finished mine on google docs, after checking with my friends and asking them their opinion, i shared it with mr woo, so i'm just waiting for him to get back at me with it.
So today just then Mr woo got back to me on my process analysis. He made some comments on various parts of my analysis where I confused some processes with others. I've fixed it all and added more into my 'Organising' section.
Today was just another day finishing off the requirement report. I've roughly finished it now, just going to go through it again in the next few days. Going to fix it up and make it slightly more connected with my ideas. I've also edited what i could in my Process Analysis so i'm going to set that aside until the final editing (according to my gantt chart)
Yea so i realised that this may not have been posted in my register... so i just moved it here now :)
in case you were wondering....

Near the end D:

posted Apr 2, 2012, 4:20 AM by Unknown user

Yesss so the project is due on Wednesday and we're meant to film ourselves.... which significantly complicates the whole thing D: 
ANYWAYS. i am starting to slightly stress out as just then i realised my printer died and i probably need to print at school.... but cause i have cadets tomo for the whole day it mite mean either a really rushed printer or tmrw morning? :D

AHEM. i have finished basically everything, going back over it to make it longer... just slightly haha.
And i'm going to do my promo stuff now, gonna paint it to make it look all nice and cool ;D

Planning time!

posted Mar 9, 2012, 3:02 AM by Unknown user

So I wasn't at class today because of an excursion, so i'm going to continue this now :)
I've decided to do the Photography club!
But i'm still thinking up the name for it....
I've finished the Gantt chart and i'm working to keep in pace with it, but it's all okay so far 

Some ideas for promoting it:
-Taking awesome photos and putting it around the school on larger reproductions (sorta like the massive canvas things in C-block?)
-Making awesome silent videos to put in the tv's around the school that have no sound
-Promoting it on fb and emails cause that's the way to go nowadays :D

And that's all for now!

Starting the project

posted Mar 1, 2012, 3:59 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 4:07 PM ]

Today we recieved the assignment and we're thinking up ideas.
My ideas are:
Watch grass grow club
Find 4 leaf clover club
Cooking club
Origami club
Photography club......
-Before school classes on Thursday morning
-Have fun
-Planned bush walks for observing plants and whatnot and photographing it for identification
-Learning types of photography techniques (lighting and whatnot)
-Associated with the sound and lighting crew?
 -Try photo editing on technology

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