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Another post delivered

posted May 1, 2013, 5:30 PM by Unknown user
So what has been happening during this blank time where I was in holidays? Well I can bore you with details of how I ate so much and slept till the afternoon.... or I can entertain you with details of what I've accomplished on my video!
Okay so I gave this some thought and I realised I really have to up my video quality and happiness and amazingness becuase some other people are doing BOTH a website AND a video.. whereas I'm just doing a video D;
So as of now I have finished all filming there is and I've edited about half of the video. By edit I mean just adding all the shots together and making sure the sound and voiceovers (which I painfully recorded on my small titchy mike) would all be in sync and actually make sense. After completing this editing stage, there'll hopefully be enough time before the prototype being handed in for me to add in some filters.
Early on I realised that adding the filters as I go is a waste of time as each shot has a different colour layout (how do I say this? :S) due to different filming lighting. So I'll wait till I'm done with everything and then add in the epic background music and filters.
And that's all for now!