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Blossoming Work

posted May 20, 2013, 7:42 PM by Unknown user
I think the more frenzied I get, the weirder my post titles will be named. But hey, I like this one's title :)
Anyway, so technically I'm not meant to be uploading a post right now because 1. It's not on schedule 2. It's class
BUT I JUST HAD A BRAINWAVE. Somewhat like a grainwave, but more amazing. Or actually I had this brainwave last night, just when i was about to fall asleep. Now this idea is still forming but it is based on the website idea I had.
So I was going to make a website. Why? Because I was afraid that my video would be far too confusing and weird. But then i realised a flaw, I suck at websites. Last ipt website I died and imploded into the stratosphere so making a website isn't the smartest choice... considering the fact that the prototypes are just about to be due.
So my only talent is in videos... and I realised. Why can't I be the policeman in the beginning and announce a mysterious case? Like in a police exerpt and the reason why all the characters are the same person is to provide anonymous-ity. (I know there's a word for that... I just don't know how to spell it). So essentially it's a police report of a past unsolved case with hints of supernatural and use of mind-reading devices to find out what the witnesses and suspects were thinking at the time... if any of that made sense.
I'm gonna be a policeman :D