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Whirring Neurons

posted May 26, 2013, 6:45 PM by Unknown user
So the prototype is due on Thursday and my brains have been hopping around the place... not literally though. What have I done and what will I do?
Well what I HAVE done is finish my video! :D
What I HAVEN"T is not finish the video D:
That in sense is quite cryptic no? But what I really mean is that the actual video is complete yet the voiceovers and additional music and filters haven't been included.
So all the resources I have are included, yet it's still not ready to be viewed by the public.... which is worrysome due to the fact that I need surveys.... like now D:
So my plan is this:
1. Go home and finish recording all the voiceovers and add them in.
2. Get people to watch and answer the survey Tues+Weds
3. Add everything in for the video and clips all combined.
That just made no sense right?
Well.... IT WILL.