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First Project Time!

posted Mar 1, 2012, 3:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 3:51 PM ]
Some sort of timetable club? We are getting a lot of projects. I wonder if teachers know that the due date of all these projects are all at the same time. They also hand these assignment out around the same time, which is quite annoying. The SRC attempted to fix this problem but failed and have moved on. I want to somehow edit this so that we can all get assignments at different times, instead of in intense waves that smother everyone. That was very graphic.
Beautification club. My sister just started learning architechture at Uni. Perhaps we could start create a group designed to beautify our school. Because it really isn't that gorgeous. No offense. If we create an architechture program, it could be good practice for a course at Uni and ideas could be used. But a beautification program may be much more simple.
Oh! Magic club would be cool! But I don't think people watching or learning magician tricks would solve any problems.
A culture club could help inform the school about the other cultures out there since we aren't a very multicultural school. Plus it could be very interesting for people to dress up or eat other foods that aren't advertised as heavily to experience hands first different cultures.
Time management club. As James Ruse students, we have a lot to handle and some students aren't very good at it. So if we made a club that would teach time management as well as organising something else, it would be interesting.
Book club. As Rusians, we generally like books. The next big Harry Potter books could be discussed, and you can be in different groups where people talk about the books you like or whatnot. And it helps to expand the readings of students. And new books that are interesting can be added into our library.
Motivators club. Students can help to find motivational speakers to speak at assembly to help raise morale. Actually, I could use a speaker at assembly to bring up the hype on the club I end up choosing. They can also try to find appropriate speakers for other grades.
I don't really like any of these ideas.