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posted Apr 27, 2013, 6:16 AM by Unknown user
Okay it has been a very very long time since I have posted (when I first got onto my page I almost subscribed to my own posts) because of my goldfish memory BUT I have set a reminder on my phone now so hopefully I will post once a week now. Alrighty so from my last post I have done a lot but the majority of it was useless. I wrote the whole script for the Tran family mystery but then realised that it was stupid, would not be at all enjoyable to watch, much harder for me to make and wasn't even sure if it was a mystery. Smart aren't I. So I tried editing it but got really frustrated with my lack of creativeness and so I thought why not give writing the James Ruse mystery a shot? So I did, and ended up writing 7 pages of stuff. I kinda get carried away. And then I was right back in the same place I was before deciding to choose the Tran family mystery after much internal debate. So basically I filmed both. With my sisters (after vowing to never ever let anyone else see it ever again and with much begging). Printed out all the scripts, and we just held the paper while being filmed. One continuous take and no editing. Took around 20 minutes actually. And after much much more thinking and continuously choosing one film and then thinking no, the other one would be better and then some god I hate both of these ideas I just want to start from scratch, I realised that I was indecisive. And also, that I was going to do the James Ruse mystery. And even now, I still feel uneasy. Would it have been better to choose Tran family mystery? Is the James Ruse mystery even a mystery? My gosh after thinking about it for so long I don't even know any more. But oh well.