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Major Project Register


posted Jun 25, 2013, 3:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 25, 2013, 3:40 PM ]

Okay well a lot has happened since my last post. I have filmed four other scenes, two of which I did not end up using because I didn't think that it added anything to te story and just contained jokes. So yeah that was a bit of time wasting ): Also after Mr Woo's comments on the marking rubric, I have decided to remove all the subtitles and it turns out removing them is very difficult as well. So yeah that took some more time. But after a lot of editing, and a lot more attempts in putting in appropriate music, I have pretty much landed on a video which I am like 75% satisfied with. I would like to put some more music in that one long scene where it is just me talking and the viewers getting bored, but I am not sure what music to put in it. Oh also did I mention that my computer broke down and I have to do everything on my laptop. ): Makes me sad.

What is

posted Jun 22, 2013, 6:00 PM by Unknown user

What is ruse. What is a conspiracy. What is movie maker. What is life. I am so confused. I have spent the last couple of nights working really hard on my IPT video and it has left me completely befuzzled. I no longer understand my own video and am very confused as to what to do and how to make it better. I put in all the subtitles, which made me super happy. Even though it took me my whole Friday night and a little of Saturday because I was using movie maker. Even though I tried to research for another software that I could use like adobe premier. And as a result I had to split every scene into little parts and put captions on each :D but now I feel like there are missing parts but I am not sure how to fill in the gaps. I literally listened to an hours worth of "creepy music", "scary music", "haunting music" (this is what I searched into youtube) and I now have a slight fear of violins. So yes. That is my update. I filmed a couple of scenes on Friday afternoon as well and that was fun :D Errrrr I am going to take a break from IPT and do some english homework and hopefully I will be able to understand my video :D My gosh my english is bad 


posted Jun 19, 2013, 8:31 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 19, 2013, 9:18 PM ]

Funny thing about schedules, they are insanely hard to stick by. Like insanely hard. And yesterday, I realised the massive flaw in my schedule. Because another thing about schedules, sometimes some factors are not taken into consideration. Like how on Thursday there is the selling of macarons for high resolves. And how on Friday there is an ag excursion. So I didn't take a lot of things into account >< So new plan!
Anywaaaaay I will now be filming either this afternoon after Ann films us, or filming tomorrow between the gap of the end of the ag excursion and the end of school. I rewatched my video again last night and I felt really really sad. Because I realised how much I need to fix. Oh man >< Well anyway I have gotten some ideas of what to fix. More updates soon! Okay updates now! Because I really need a plan. Like really really. Okay so I am going to film some tomorrow with a very specific and detailed plan. Then I will film as much as I can. If necessary, I will invite friends over to film some extra scenes. And then it will alllllllllllll be good! I will edit on the weekend and hopefully it will be okay. I am jam packed next week because of SRC Week and so I don't think I will be able to do anything. Alrighty! More updates later! (:

Abina's Breaking News

posted Jun 18, 2013, 3:40 PM by Unknown user

Yay! Great news! In morning class Vish gave me the news of how, since this week is actually 9 weeks, the project rationale is due next term! :D Only after she tricked me into thinking that everything was due tomorrow D: But after I recovered from my heart attack, I thought okay! I need to actually finish my video before Monday. That is my goal now. My goal is to finish the prototype by Monday. Which sounds pretty impossible on my end and will probably require filming on every single day from today. But it really needs to be done. I can't stay up the night before and film my friends and edit it, I have to plan so I am done beforehand. Today I am already sure of two scenes which I am going to refilm, I have an idea for a change in the beginning of the video which does not require the filming of my friends, and so that is a good step in the right direction. But I will still need to come up with a better ending, make the music in my video more appropriate, add subtitles and maybe even cut out some jokes )': So my plan is for me to film the two scenes today, go home and edit it into the current video, and while I am at hopefully I will get inspiration for other scenes I have to refilm and the ending of the video. Then tomorrow I will refilm those new scenes and hopefully film the ending, all before school or at lunch, then go home and edit it. If any final filmings are necessary, I will do that on Friday morning/recess/lunch. And then on Saturday I will edit everything, putting in subtitles and if necessary, refilming scenes which contain just me. And on Sunday I will wrap up the video making process, and even get started on working on my project rationale if I have time, and all will be good! If I really really need it I have Monday and Tuesday to film absolute final cuts but hopefully I won't need it. And then I will be done! :D Man I have put a lot of work into this video so I hope that people like it and it at least makes them smile because I know I am very bad at making people scared. Oh also because it is not very nice to make people scared X) Then on the last couple of days of the term, if I have time (I might be very busy because of SRC week. Oh wait! I just realised I can't do anything on Wednesday night anyway because I have the SRC Dance!) I will write some of my project rationale. But this is my goal in the holidays. Write like 200 words each day. That shouldn't take too long, 200 doesn't sound like much and if I just try do that amount each day then I will be finished in no time! I really want to be done at least halfway through the second week of holidays. And then I will have time to read over it and edit accordingly on the last days of the holiday! This is pretty much the strictest schedule I have ever given myself (because I usually never make myself follow schedules) so hopefully it will all turn out well! Progress report later. Conny out (:

Progress I think..

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:37 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 17, 2013, 4:40 PM ]

Okay well I have gotten my feedback from Mr Woo! Yay! And basically he jabbed at my bad acting ): Haha not really but I am sure he had to refrain from using words like corny, although it does seem like the "amusing prototype" had some dark undertones. Anyway so I have scheduled the refilming of some scenes (on Wednesday after sport but before the end of school), and I have thought of some possible ending scenes but none of them seem good enough. Oh also I need more creepy music, which is better cut. So I will be working on that soon. And subtitles. So that needs to be done. Man I have a lot to do. Okay well the refilming comes first. I may add a better introduction, talk a little bit about James Ruse, you know voiceovers about how multicultural James Ruse is (and then put pictures of a whole group of asian people), and talk about how refined it is (and put some punk people in ruse), I dunno, just some sort of introduction that eases the viewer into understanding what is happening. And man the ending is something I am really struggling in! I talked about this in the previous post but now time is running out and I am freaking out a little. Maybe I will film a scene of me actually down at the farm, and add some creepy music and move the scream. I still want to the end the film with the text on the black screen, but I think that I will add more clues as to what happened in the end. Oh also I found out how to put subtitles on the video! But it takes a very long time and I am trying to look for different software I can use.  


posted Jun 12, 2013, 5:11 PM by Unknown user

Okay well the IPT exam is over!! Yaaaay :D And now I am supposed to be writing all these possible ideas and making major improvements to my videos- ideas should be flowing! But mine aren't. ): I am struggling a surprising amount. And I think I have realised why. One of the improvements for my video was supposed to be being more serious, because many, many people commented on how my video was not serious enough and people even said my jokes weren't funny ): Hurts man. Well yeah so usually I would be able to think of different jokes that I can use within a scenario and I would develop the scene from there but now I can't do that! Because I promised that there would be less jokes in my video. And so now I am stuck. I can't think of stories, or ways to make things serious or how to create a scary video. This is really really hard! Soooooo maaaybe I will just slip a couple of jokes in there? Not a lot, juuust a couple and in shooting maybe I can cut it out (: Because really truly it is so insanely hard for me to create this final product. Some things obviously need reshooting, like the video of Vishni and Ashly talking about following me, but other scenes will probably need extra sentences and clarification and I would have to refilm it D: So that will be a little time consuming. Oh also I have to learn how to put subtitles onto the video. That is going to be a pain. For now, Conny out!

Next Stage

posted Jun 5, 2013, 12:34 AM by Unknown user

Well the prototype of my video is done (YAY :D) and even though there is going to be a lot to do in the next couple of weeks, with the writing of new scenes (with less jokes ): and more creepiness DDD: ), I have decided to take a quick break from the James Ruse Conspiracy and focus on the upcoming SUPER DUPER MAJOR AND LONG IPT EXAM DX. So I will try my hand at writing a few scenes if I have some extra time but I doubt I will get much done because the studying for the exam will be my priority. So don't expect TOO much in the next post, I will not have pages and pages of things that I have done (which I usually do) but probably just a couple of really brief things. So yes that is all for now but I should be okay, as I have already planned out my changes and even written a scene in my report of feedback and changed :D   

No sleep

posted May 29, 2013, 5:45 AM by Unknown user

Well half yearlies are over so naturally I am spending more time on my project and trying to plan on how I can make it better, trying to get more feedback, and I realised that I missed audio for the prototype! And holy moly for good reason. I am supposed to find scary music so I can create suspense and make an effective video but my goodness it is extremely difficult. Especially every time I hear something scary I just want to run away and listen to sunshine lollipops and rainbows and everything that is wonderful and good in life ): So after listening to several bloody screams leading my mum to think I am some sort of psychopath, and almost an hour of creepy music (which is actually exactly what I typed into youtube), I have concluded that it is insanely difficult to choose the right music when I am covering my ears because and scared of all of them. Also that I will get no sleep 

Apologies, again

posted May 23, 2013, 3:52 AM by Unknown user

Not even surprised that this is the second time my title is me saying sorry. But I keep half doing posts and not finishing them! So I have finished off my other post, and plan to finish this one off too! Which is actually a huge challenge for me considering my 2 second attention span and- oh man I should be studying for my half yearly! Oh well, this won't take that long. So I have gotten more feedback on bits of my video, I actually even showed some of it to my parents but they just sort of gave me weird looks and made comments about how my school looks different and then they got off track and started talked about how weird my voice is on camera and how disappointing that is because they had a future of tv stardom planned out for me and then I realised where I got my short attention span from. Anyway so I think my video is too long and not as captivating as I want it to be. Good thrillers and scary movies either draw out the suspense or make short, snappy and incredibly scary things pop out and if you have ever seen niga higa's videos you know that they are also incredibly short so the audience actually stays focused and doesn't start talking about how your future will now have to be picking up rubbish. Yeah so I briefly considered editing some scenes to make it short and snappier but I think with my bad editing skills it will become really disjointed and I am worried about that. So I am also considering reshooting some scenes? But I feel sorry for my actors because it takes a while to get familiar with the lines and then film it correctly and I feel awful taking up their time. But for a prototype its okay, but I want the end product to be muuuuch better. That's pretty much all for now, I haven't actually done much because of the half yearlies just all up in my face proving to me how bad my memory really is. And on that note which is completely off track, goodbye. 


posted May 13, 2013, 7:58 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 23, 2013, 3:47 AM ]

Hello! Well this is my update on my project! It is getting close to the exam week so naturally I would be studying hard. LOL JOKES this is actually when a lot of my actual project is being done. I have done the bulk of my filming already! Yay! :D But I have realised that I have to reshoot some videos because of things like volume and glare and it really bothers me. I have also been playing with the idea of adding subtitles after some comments from my sisters who watched a couple of short clips, but I am really struggling to make sure that the words can be seen. I know that black letters with a white outline or white letters with a black outline can be seen on any shade but my windows movie maker won't let me do that ): I think I will need some more sophisticated software. So a couple of other comments which I got from my sisters/ friends that I showed some clips to was that it wasn't exactly clear to them what was happening, like sometimes it was a bit hard to follow. And I completely understand that because well my thought process is something so strange that I pity anyone who has to follow it. So I was contemplating adding a couple more vlog scenes in? Just to fill in the gaps and explain what is happening so maybe people will understand it better. Audio and visuals have already been mentioned, I wanted it to be better quality but my sister's beautiful high tech camera isn't allowed to leave her sight. In my last post I mentioned changing the text from a stranger into a comment on the blog from a stranger but then I had a change of heart and decided to film the text from the stranger instead. After feedback though and asking people which one they thought was better, I have decided that I will reshoot with the blog instead. My poor actors! I am kinda wishing that I did a natalie tran style video now so I wouldn't have to bother my poor friends but then I know a couple people in my grade who would never let me live that down. So yeah. That is all for now but as I try to get more feedback that isn't just "That was.....nice....", I am sure that there are going to be a lot more changes. 

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