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Abina's Breaking News

posted Jun 18, 2013, 3:40 PM by Unknown user
Yay! Great news! In morning class Vish gave me the news of how, since this week is actually 9 weeks, the project rationale is due next term! :D Only after she tricked me into thinking that everything was due tomorrow D: But after I recovered from my heart attack, I thought okay! I need to actually finish my video before Monday. That is my goal now. My goal is to finish the prototype by Monday. Which sounds pretty impossible on my end and will probably require filming on every single day from today. But it really needs to be done. I can't stay up the night before and film my friends and edit it, I have to plan so I am done beforehand. Today I am already sure of two scenes which I am going to refilm, I have an idea for a change in the beginning of the video which does not require the filming of my friends, and so that is a good step in the right direction. But I will still need to come up with a better ending, make the music in my video more appropriate, add subtitles and maybe even cut out some jokes )': So my plan is for me to film the two scenes today, go home and edit it into the current video, and while I am at hopefully I will get inspiration for other scenes I have to refilm and the ending of the video. Then tomorrow I will refilm those new scenes and hopefully film the ending, all before school or at lunch, then go home and edit it. If any final filmings are necessary, I will do that on Friday morning/recess/lunch. And then on Saturday I will edit everything, putting in subtitles and if necessary, refilming scenes which contain just me. And on Sunday I will wrap up the video making process, and even get started on working on my project rationale if I have time, and all will be good! If I really really need it I have Monday and Tuesday to film absolute final cuts but hopefully I won't need it. And then I will be done! :D Man I have put a lot of work into this video so I hope that people like it and it at least makes them smile because I know I am very bad at making people scared. Oh also because it is not very nice to make people scared X) Then on the last couple of days of the term, if I have time (I might be very busy because of SRC week. Oh wait! I just realised I can't do anything on Wednesday night anyway because I have the SRC Dance!) I will write some of my project rationale. But this is my goal in the holidays. Write like 200 words each day. That shouldn't take too long, 200 doesn't sound like much and if I just try do that amount each day then I will be finished in no time! I really want to be done at least halfway through the second week of holidays. And then I will have time to read over it and edit accordingly on the last days of the holiday! This is pretty much the strictest schedule I have ever given myself (because I usually never make myself follow schedules) so hopefully it will all turn out well! Progress report later. Conny out (: