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Apologies, again

posted May 23, 2013, 3:52 AM by Unknown user
Not even surprised that this is the second time my title is me saying sorry. But I keep half doing posts and not finishing them! So I have finished off my other post, and plan to finish this one off too! Which is actually a huge challenge for me considering my 2 second attention span and- oh man I should be studying for my half yearly! Oh well, this won't take that long. So I have gotten more feedback on bits of my video, I actually even showed some of it to my parents but they just sort of gave me weird looks and made comments about how my school looks different and then they got off track and started talked about how weird my voice is on camera and how disappointing that is because they had a future of tv stardom planned out for me and then I realised where I got my short attention span from. Anyway so I think my video is too long and not as captivating as I want it to be. Good thrillers and scary movies either draw out the suspense or make short, snappy and incredibly scary things pop out and if you have ever seen niga higa's videos you know that they are also incredibly short so the audience actually stays focused and doesn't start talking about how your future will now have to be picking up rubbish. Yeah so I briefly considered editing some scenes to make it short and snappier but I think with my bad editing skills it will become really disjointed and I am worried about that. So I am also considering reshooting some scenes? But I feel sorry for my actors because it takes a while to get familiar with the lines and then film it correctly and I feel awful taking up their time. But for a prototype its okay, but I want the end product to be muuuuch better. That's pretty much all for now, I haven't actually done much because of the half yearlies just all up in my face proving to me how bad my memory really is. And on that note which is completely off track, goodbye.