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Progress I think..

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:37 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 17, 2013, 4:40 PM ]
Okay well I have gotten my feedback from Mr Woo! Yay! And basically he jabbed at my bad acting ): Haha not really but I am sure he had to refrain from using words like corny, although it does seem like the "amusing prototype" had some dark undertones. Anyway so I have scheduled the refilming of some scenes (on Wednesday after sport but before the end of school), and I have thought of some possible ending scenes but none of them seem good enough. Oh also I need more creepy music, which is better cut. So I will be working on that soon. And subtitles. So that needs to be done. Man I have a lot to do. Okay well the refilming comes first. I may add a better introduction, talk a little bit about James Ruse, you know voiceovers about how multicultural James Ruse is (and then put pictures of a whole group of asian people), and talk about how refined it is (and put some punk people in ruse), I dunno, just some sort of introduction that eases the viewer into understanding what is happening. And man the ending is something I am really struggling in! I talked about this in the previous post but now time is running out and I am freaking out a little. Maybe I will film a scene of me actually down at the farm, and add some creepy music and move the scream. I still want to the end the film with the text on the black screen, but I think that I will add more clues as to what happened in the end. Oh also I found out how to put subtitles on the video! But it takes a very long time and I am trying to look for different software I can use.