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posted Jun 12, 2013, 5:11 PM by Unknown user
Okay well the IPT exam is over!! Yaaaay :D And now I am supposed to be writing all these possible ideas and making major improvements to my videos- ideas should be flowing! But mine aren't. ): I am struggling a surprising amount. And I think I have realised why. One of the improvements for my video was supposed to be being more serious, because many, many people commented on how my video was not serious enough and people even said my jokes weren't funny ): Hurts man. Well yeah so usually I would be able to think of different jokes that I can use within a scenario and I would develop the scene from there but now I can't do that! Because I promised that there would be less jokes in my video. And so now I am stuck. I can't think of stories, or ways to make things serious or how to create a scary video. This is really really hard! Soooooo maaaybe I will just slip a couple of jokes in there? Not a lot, juuust a couple and in shooting maybe I can cut it out (: Because really truly it is so insanely hard for me to create this final product. Some things obviously need reshooting, like the video of Vishni and Ashly talking about following me, but other scenes will probably need extra sentences and clarification and I would have to refilm it D: So that will be a little time consuming. Oh also I have to learn how to put subtitles onto the video. That is going to be a pain. For now, Conny out!