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What is

posted Jun 22, 2013, 6:00 PM by Unknown user
What is ruse. What is a conspiracy. What is movie maker. What is life. I am so confused. I have spent the last couple of nights working really hard on my IPT video and it has left me completely befuzzled. I no longer understand my own video and am very confused as to what to do and how to make it better. I put in all the subtitles, which made me super happy. Even though it took me my whole Friday night and a little of Saturday because I was using movie maker. Even though I tried to research for another software that I could use like adobe premier. And as a result I had to split every scene into little parts and put captions on each :D but now I feel like there are missing parts but I am not sure how to fill in the gaps. I literally listened to an hours worth of "creepy music", "scary music", "haunting music" (this is what I searched into youtube) and I now have a slight fear of violins. So yes. That is my update. I filmed a couple of scenes on Friday afternoon as well and that was fun :D Errrrr I am going to take a break from IPT and do some english homework and hopefully I will be able to understand my video :D My gosh my english is bad