posted Aug 12, 2012, 5:01 AM by Unknown user
YES!!! Our group seems like its going on the right track with everything that we have worked hard for falling into place. The DESIGN REPORT is still on my comp and that is the 3rd draft and i will be making that a google doc tomorrow so that everyone can contribute and comment. The website is going good ever since we have added the social networking sites and we have over 50 likes on facebook. These are not just likes but valuable feedback is being given to us on which we are acting. Stuff such as the logos and borders are being changed. Making this site public has really helped. I have also gotten all the pics for our employees pages and im working on the description for each using the ruse ID meet the team page headlines. 

Why did you join RuseID?
Why do you enjoy being a part of RuseID?
What is are your roles in RuseID and why are they unique?
What skills do you bring to the team that are related to RuseID?
What cool projects have you worked on in RuseID?
What has been the most amazing experience you've had in RuseID thus far?

That is going well and even though there have been lack of posts in the last week we have been doing small adjustments and maintenance here and there. The Business Spreadsheet is also being finalized with me working on making an Access Database and Kevin trying to finish it off on Excel. Google is turning out to be quite useful to making this website.