Rush Hour Has Hit

posted Aug 16, 2012, 6:35 AM by Unknown user
Everything is going everywhere. I have something like 40 tabs open right now and we there is so many fine touch ups to do. I have done the meet the team site page and added the beautiful info. The other pages are being brought up to perfection and being organised as before the information was there but not fully aesthetically appealing. The business spreadsheet is being finished off by me and Kevin is now working on finalizing the design report. However we have finished the website but are still working on doing small bugs and error and nooks and crannies. Anyway yeh its been really hard to make it though even with three people it has required a lot of effort. An Awesome Project all in all and the interview with Mr. Woo actually went pretty good. TECHBIT, I am going to miss you. :'(

Signing off for the last time,