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So much progress x)!

posted Aug 13, 2012, 4:17 PM by Unknown user
SO! I have spent quite a while on my website.

I have done a clean and quite nice "Mr. Donut" Logo.  It took me a while to configure it but I'm trying to blend it in with the background of my "Hot Pink" website.

Not only have I done that, but I have completed the "About Mr. Donut" page! It is filled with all of our customer guarantees and service vows.

I have also tried to complete the "Buy Donuts" page by adding descriptions and using my EPIC CREATIVITY I have busted my brain to think of some creative donut names and individual donuts.

Jack, Ishraq and I are going to work on the "How we Innovate with Technology" page and hopefully finish off most of what we need.  I still need to complete the small bios for the "Meet the Company" page but I'll complete it soon (:.

*in Russian accent*
Hope you have enjoyed, n' have a nice day. >D