posted Aug 15, 2012, 9:19 PM by Unknown user
hi again...just thought of this which i was going to add on at the end of the design report as touch-ups for the website at the end

fine editing of the website includes: (include this at the end of the report, symbolising the editing process of the website)

* changing the font of the text so it differs yet goes together professionally with the terra: ice background colour; the purpose of this would be for easier access of users and customers to read the text on the websiste

* another fine editing point of the website would be to offer the website in different languages as not all European countries are English-speaking and this may hinder interaction and business-related negotiations between the certain European country and Vysotsk Global Liquid Shipping Lines; this would greatly, and negatively affect VGLSL's business and profits with shipping liquid goods to Europe. Similar to Apple which allows users of the official Apple website to covert text as well as prices according to the country the user is located in at that moment (this is extremely convenient for both the company's sales and the interaction between countries that are not sufficiently fluent in English

* another fine editing point that would have to take place if the second point was acted upon; at least on employee of the 10 would need to be fluent in several, major European languages for easy communication, as mentioned before

* changing the name of the company and the logo so it no longer says global



NOTE: THE WEBSITE USED TO EDIT THE PICTURES IN THE SLIDESHOW WAS KIOZA- I just added text to the pictures and then used picasa web slideshows to make the pics into a automatic slideshow with subtitles