2 more days...

posted Aug 14, 2012, 3:35 AM by Steve Qian
We're this close to finishing. That's pretty close because the word was bolded, underlined, and italicized (that's a word).

So tons happened. Pok completely revamped the website and it looks quite good now. The website theme doesn't look like vomit anymore, so definitely an improvement!

Meanwhile I've been making myself useful by polishing up several areas of our website. I went back and finished Edwin's employee information. I tried to link it in with our corporate blog. It was really random, and Sunny helped add bits here and there to show how Edwin actually does crap in our company, while I had originally portrayed him as a retard.

Following that, I helped rewrite the "About Us". I made sure to add things about how our company was different, in that the employees actually like their job and cooking, and that we are a job that utilises the benefits of technology to the fullest, etc etc.

Onto the company spreadsheet. Pok has completely revamped the look and finished it, taking the ideas that him and I (with help from Sunny, whilst he was doing the Innovate With Technology section) had last time. My thanks to Pok for completely finishing the spreadsheet and making it look like a legit company spreadsheet, which I was completely unable to do.

As of now, the only thing left is the Design Report. I've updated what we've done recently, Pok has also helped by including his experiences too. Another thanks to Pok =). I've started on putting some information processes involved and also started the information technology involved.

At this rate, we should finish. When we do, expect some random triple post from all of us about all the cliche stuff you say when you're done a project.

And now back to work.