Competing with Lachlan for Posts.

posted Jul 26, 2012, 6:08 PM by Steve Qian
I need to make more posts from now on. I only tend to make them when a lot of stuff has happened.
Pok and I, with help from Sunny, have both started on the business spreadsheet, we have done some items, and currently we are losing like $36,000 dollars.
I have also added a ton of stuff on the "everyday items" page, and also updated the "light meals" section. We are working on the section for desserts, and then our catalogue should be completely done when we're finished the desserts. We should also post some nice-looking photos of our "meals", too.
The design report is coming along (really, really slowly).
I've also worked on the corporate blog, contributing some ideas and posting.
We SHOULD be able to finish.