I warned you

posted Aug 16, 2012, 4:36 AM by Steve Qian
I warned you; here's our obligatory triple, I mean double at the moment, post containing sickeningly sentimental comments about how awesome this project was!

On a more serious and less satirical note, we've finished! Finally! And our website actually looks decent! Our respective sections are now finished. Special thanks to my other group members, if I was to make a website by myself I'd be simultaneously blocked by everyone I know for every form of communication, because I'd be asking so many questions that their MSN would like, lag. This was actually quite a good learning experience.

Let me also compliment the project in how it was fun in its own way. It was surprisingly fun for a project, and it was also fun in that it was a group project. I enjoy group projects because I can share my discomfort when a part of the project isn't completely finished and it's the day before (this MAY have happened).

So all in all, this was a fun learning experience. The "Lite n' Pleasy" website, a bad pun that I was only about 90% responsible for, will always be there as a reminder that I, along with classmates, was able to make a website.