One more week...

posted Aug 3, 2012, 11:32 PM by Steve Qian
As I was scrolling through our posts to help me write our design report, I nearly died of laughter when I saw this past post:

Pok: Our assignment is slowly growing into an informative and comprehensive website.

After crawling back on my chair in my oxygen deprived state, I decided to write this post.

One week left. I've finished off the family meals, since we were lacking lunch and dinner options, and added some descriptions of our meals. I updated the corporate blog again, in accordance to our company spreadsheet. The latest post is about "opening up", which corresponds with our spreadsheet.

Speaking of our spreadsheet, Pok and I have did a lot of work on that. It's "slowly growing into an informative and comprehensive spreadsheet", and we're close to finishing that.

We decided to have Sunny do the "How We Innovate With Technology" section. Good luck with that, Sunny. Meanwhile, I've been doing the design report, writing about the entire process of creating the website. After scrolling through our posts to help me remember, I'm done with that, and Pok and Sunny will soon join me in writing about the information processes.

Once we are done with that, all that is left is polishing up our website.