Pok Failed to Last Post

posted Aug 16, 2012, 5:34 PM by Sunny Lu
Well its finally come, the third in the triple of posts! and the day our assignment is due! Well my role was to complete the innovate with technology and hopefully it was enough while steve and pok did most of the design report. i added piuctures to the page and finished a brief outline of our client order history over the first few days. i also edited a little bit in the catalogue and also logged into facebook to help pok with the facebook page he created and didnt tell me. anyways i helped triple the amount of likes and pok made it public. pok added some finishing touches to the website to make it look much more aesthetically appealing. since making it public i've received a lot of feedback about our website and most of it is positive which is awesome!
Anyways, now im just getting ready for the semi-scripted interview and waiting right now.
Can i just say *insert corny music* that this project has been a lot of fun and really provided an insight into how businesses "should" work. and the name Lite n' Pleasy shall be forever remebered >:D
Sunny Lu