Pok is a GREAT person! ;D

posted Aug 8, 2012, 10:02 PM by Unknown user
So let's see....

WE HAVE FINISHED DA Corporate Blog!  It has 8 posts and is around 2500 words in length.
I decided to redo our business spreadsheet.  Using an excel template, it looks ALOT more professional.  I still need to finish off the sales database though.  
I also made a banner for our "Lite n' Pleasy" header.  Looks cool yeah!? XD  You may not notice, but it is a combination of 6 DIFFERENT IMAGES!!!! :DDD  (all combined using the trusty Adobe Photoshop CS5).
I also changed the theme of the website, since alot of people have been saying that it looks like vomit.  I did some customisations to the "Wintermint" theme.  
Samuel has looked at my webpage and has said it looks pretty good!   He taught me how to do a drop down menu! =)  U need to indent the page. 
Catalogue is pretty much finished after I added some more prettty images. ^.^

That's around it! >:D