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tharsini elaine christina


posted Aug 16, 2012, 3:20 PM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

ohkay... so we finished.. FINALLY DUDEEEEE
and umm yesterday we met up in the morning to do some work at carlo library as it was religous service, but the library was closed so we had to sit outside it. anywyas we did alot of work there. We edited and finished the design report WOOT^^
Then we discussed elements of the assignment and discovered that we were not fully screwed, and organised what we were to do later that day.
so elaine was working on the catalogue and basicaly the website which involved writing descriptions for like the acessories and suff
Chrisitna was doing the employee informatio and about us.
I was doing the buisness spreadsheet, featured and how we innovate with technlogy.
Then we also had chat open so that if we had trouble we could discuss it..

fixing stuff up

posted Aug 14, 2012, 4:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 14, 2012, 4:58 AM ]

hi ! so there's like two ish days basically before we have to hand in our assignment, so things have been going very fast. So i decided i might as well continue fixing up some stuff and editing it so that its suitable for handing in. I firstly, over the weekend, decided i would quickly make a logo because this whole time it was just the name of our website in a pretty font. I didn't make the logo on an online site because i found it really hard to create one that i was happy with t, so i just used paint, even though paint is not that good in the first place. But i realised that elaine's been using paint for many pictures and stuff that go on our website and they look really good so i thought i might just give it a try. The logo turned out better than i expected and tharsh and elaine were quite happy with it as well. So basically its just two circular arrows symbolizing the trading and switching with the word switchie in the centre and the arrows were multi coloured. The arrows also had a black border that i wanted to get rid off, but i couldn't so i just left it there. 

Over the weekend, i also fixed up and added some more info to our construction bit, but i needed to go over that with the rest of the guys so we quickly did some editing this morning. The construction is currently too long as we cut it down from 1400 down to 1200 (but we still need to add some additional info) as we need to fit the rest of the design report- the processes are already like 500 words and the design report is supposed to be 2000, so hopefully we won't go over.But its going alright atm.

Elaine has been fixing up our public website and making usre everything is in place and tharsh has been fixing up our employee info THAT USED to be a catastrophe. Now its starting to sound better, instead of all childish haha. i actually can't believe that 8 weeks have gone that fast :(

anyways hopefully i will be making another post before the end,but for now
ciao !

GASP .. due date is approaching

posted Aug 13, 2012, 2:56 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

well, the due data is approaching so i did a bit more work on the website.
i made like 5 more posts on the corporate blog!
i also did a bit of work on the employee information, i was thinking of adjusting the format and like i did a draft but i think i should ask chrissie and elaine if they like it first, so i don't do it all for waste.
but thats all i did so far :( 

anyways MORE LATER ~

Group work and some feedback

posted Aug 10, 2012, 3:10 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

So, as a group, we also accomplished SEVERAL things, this mainly includes working on our facebook page. This was from inspiration from Techbit who had a facebook page, so we created one too, called, and asked people on facebook to like it! YAY!. and we actually got some feedback, so this was cool.
It was from anna and it said:

-lol Darsh is 46 years old.
-many lower case I's that should be capitalised [fix up grammar/punctuation in general, I guess]
-"My most favourite memory was i myself switched a pair of earrings for a necklace.." - Hermione doesn't make sense ;P
-Claudia Kishi from the babysitters club hahahahaha xD

(: and from this, we realised that we had to fix up the grammer REALLY BADLY hehe, and fix up the employee information. 

Also, we worked on the innovation with technology, and brainstormed three ideas, but realised that we didnt really know much about what the question meant and therefore needed to ask people about it. HMM

We also fixed up the website by adding pictures to all the different categories and this took quite a bit OF Time!. 

Lastly, we added a contact us page, after discussing alot of how the website would operate.
WE had two ideas: either a user would sign in to register switches and make listings or we would make the switches and listings via switchie.
We were more in favour of the last idea, though it seemed rather impractical firstly, becuase it would be easier for us to create the website and would bypass several social and ethical issues.
Ebay, apparently has a listing form so we could have something like that.
this probably needed more discussion

work at house =D

posted Aug 8, 2012, 3:23 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Aug 10, 2012, 2:51 AM ]

so as chrissie said in our last post we met up at moi house to do some hardcore work cos we were kinda doomed for the assignment =D

so we started off doing some individual group work for about and hour and a half, and then some group work. 
So i started off doing the buisness spreadsheet, and that was sort of tied together with elaine's catalogue, so we worked on how much each membership would cost, and then i sort of calculated the income and then profit through excel. 
So i decided we would earn income through three main ways: memberships, insurance and shipping costs.
We had guest, basic premium and platinum, all at different prices and i worked out that if we had 70 users and 10 guest users we would earn $1300 monthly. (we would probably increase the number of members next time) 
From insurance each membership would pay $5 extra, except guest where insurance is covered in the cost and hence we would earn $350 
For shipping, we would be inconjunction with Australian Post, and we would earn an additional $0.50 per delivery. From this, we hope to earn about $100 (200 switches a month) 
Therefore, our income would be $1750
I then had to work out expenses
And like i decided our expenses would be in three main categories: 
Employees, advertising and sponshership.
So employees, was where alot of our income would go, and for the time being i would give them $1000, i realised that was really little but i decided to solve that problem later =D
Advertising was $200 and sponsership was $100. 
So basically our pure profit was $300 per month, im not sure if thats really good or really bad :/ i decided to discuss it with other groups later =DAlso for my second half of individual work, i worked on the corporate blog which was where i added 4 new posts =D YAY! 

Chrissie, meanwhile was working on the design report, where she basically had to write down bits and pieces of how we put our website together. She was basically half way there(: WHICH IS SEHR GOOD =) she also worked on editing our 7 processes, as the last time we had worked on these as a group, they were only half finished :/ OOPS.(: She edited them and made them longer so they were about 500 words which is really really good 

Elaine was then working on our website and the catalogue. She made a new page and wrote up all the criteria, it was undering the heading of membership fees, she then used paint to create like different colour circles, that ended up looking really really pretty. She also made the page for insurance, which would correspond on my blog post that i created, introducing the insurance policy.She also worked on our facebook page, and figuring out a way to add it onto our page, as well as editing the slideshow. 

meeting up (:

posted Aug 7, 2012, 11:48 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 11, 2012, 10:32 PM ]

HELLOOOOOOOO EVERYONEEEE ! we are all currently at tharsh's house working woot woot ! soooooooo.. we decided to work on the theorybit  because we are sortaaa behind and our public website loooks alright. Tharsh also constantly reminded us that ITS DUE NEXT FRIDAY !! 

ok so i know i should have edited the post before, but i'm gonna quickly do it now.  tharsh already told you what she did and now i am gonna tell you what i did. I managed to work on completing the rest of the construction bit in the design report and i also tweaked bits of our processes. It was actually really fun ! so yeah, umm i also got some input from the other guys about what to write so that was really good as well.

after we finished what we were doing individually, we then went and worked together on the blog. We managed to get a few photos onto the website of some of the clothes and accessories, and then we got sidetracked a bit, so elaine then did the rest at home. We also did some work on 'about switchie' but we didn't finish that either -.- but we luckily got most of it done. We were planning to work on the bit that said 'how we innovate with thechnology' and we found it sorta confusing so we left till the end, but then our parents came and we had to go. We managed to finish quite a lot, but we still have to finish a lot more !

bye for now (:


posted Aug 5, 2012, 5:36 PM by Unknown user

today i spent some time making the slideshow larger, to 1000px so that it would fit the entire width of the page. although there is this really annoying blank space at the top which you cant remove because it ispart of the slideshow and everytime i see it i want to explode. i created a new page for thhe horizontal navigation bar; called 'About Switchie' , and i created sub pages that explain stuff in detail such as prices and membership fees and yeh. still thiking of a colour scheme or background iage but thats all for now..... (:


posted Aug 5, 2012, 4:05 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar

So, today i was really bored and so i did a bit of work on the employee information, BUT only a little.(:
So i basically fixed the last few up because as chrissie said, they were kind of lame!(:
the most exciting part was where i got to create a page for myself!
as i told you in my previous post..I WAS GOING TO BE AN EMPLOYEE =D
hehe so i made like a page and i wroteee a bit of info on my page =) 
i also fixed up a few of the other employees, but what i found really difficult was like trying to think of different employee stories for them, i had to like meddle around abit but...chrissie and elaine can always edit =D 
And then i was just looking at the website when i realised that i didnt really like the didnt really look pretty..
and then i had this wierd brainwave, where i though maybe we could cut out the subheadings cos they made it look ugly and just have one blob of info, and like it doesnt sound really appealing, but it would basically be like
italics under the name and then normal writing because most of my info tied together anyway. 
HMMM food for thought!
anyways CIAO ~ 


posted Aug 3, 2012, 2:03 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 3, 2012, 2:04 AM ]

so umm.. i sorta made a post in ipt and saved it as a draft and now its vanished :/ ahaha lol so i just made a new one. me, tharsh and elaine in our double period today did some work together but also did some individual work on the website which actually went quite productively to my surprise. So i worked on mostly just editing our employee information because it was really dodgy ! tharsh had made all our employees her favorite book/movie characters, so it was an absolute must that it was changed, considering it was mostly harry potter/ good luck charlie/ baby sitter's club. 

So i started working on it and managed to edit one of the employee's and make it actually sound alright. I kept tharsh's subtitles though as they were pretty good. Yeah, so i had to change the name and i didn't think we were actually going to use our own names (we decided this a few days ago) and also change their information entirely which was a total pain. 

When i got home i did some work on the design report that i was doing yesterday like i had said, so i kept my word. I asked tharsh and elaine how much they wanted so they just said around 1-2 pages and i had just started and was up to like our 3rd post and i had already written basically half a page, so i would edit if i needed to at the end. I was hoping to finish everything on saturday because i had band camp sun-tues and we were meeting up on wednesday so we could make some more progress on our website. I think elaine hasn't really finished her post but she made a major breakthrough on our website, so be excited ! 

i probably will be making a post tmrw, so byeeee, see you soon (:


posted Aug 2, 2012, 6:08 PM by Unknown user

one thing that we were planning all the way along was a big slideshow on our home page that would show new deals and awesome stuff that we needed to advertise. we asked mr woo how to create a slideshow using adobe flash PROFESSIONAL but after he explained to us i got lost and was so confused. i then searched up on google 'free slideshow maker' and found a french site called KIZOA. i was tempted to try it because it didnt require installing (as it was 

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