fixing stuff up

posted Aug 14, 2012, 4:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 14, 2012, 4:58 AM ]
hi ! so there's like two ish days basically before we have to hand in our assignment, so things have been going very fast. So i decided i might as well continue fixing up some stuff and editing it so that its suitable for handing in. I firstly, over the weekend, decided i would quickly make a logo because this whole time it was just the name of our website in a pretty font. I didn't make the logo on an online site because i found it really hard to create one that i was happy with t, so i just used paint, even though paint is not that good in the first place. But i realised that elaine's been using paint for many pictures and stuff that go on our website and they look really good so i thought i might just give it a try. The logo turned out better than i expected and tharsh and elaine were quite happy with it as well. So basically its just two circular arrows symbolizing the trading and switching with the word switchie in the centre and the arrows were multi coloured. The arrows also had a black border that i wanted to get rid off, but i couldn't so i just left it there. 

Over the weekend, i also fixed up and added some more info to our construction bit, but i needed to go over that with the rest of the guys so we quickly did some editing this morning. The construction is currently too long as we cut it down from 1400 down to 1200 (but we still need to add some additional info) as we need to fit the rest of the design report- the processes are already like 500 words and the design report is supposed to be 2000, so hopefully we won't go over.But its going alright atm.

Elaine has been fixing up our public website and making usre everything is in place and tharsh has been fixing up our employee info THAT USED to be a catastrophe. Now its starting to sound better, instead of all childish haha. i actually can't believe that 8 weeks have gone that fast :(

anyways hopefully i will be making another post before the end,but for now
ciao !