Group work and some feedback

posted Aug 10, 2012, 3:10 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So, as a group, we also accomplished SEVERAL things, this mainly includes working on our facebook page. This was from inspiration from Techbit who had a facebook page, so we created one too, called, and asked people on facebook to like it! YAY!. and we actually got some feedback, so this was cool.
It was from anna and it said:

-lol Darsh is 46 years old.
-many lower case I's that should be capitalised [fix up grammar/punctuation in general, I guess]
-"My most favourite memory was i myself switched a pair of earrings for a necklace.." - Hermione doesn't make sense ;P
-Claudia Kishi from the babysitters club hahahahaha xD

(: and from this, we realised that we had to fix up the grammer REALLY BADLY hehe, and fix up the employee information. 

Also, we worked on the innovation with technology, and brainstormed three ideas, but realised that we didnt really know much about what the question meant and therefore needed to ask people about it. HMM

We also fixed up the website by adding pictures to all the different categories and this took quite a bit OF Time!. 

Lastly, we added a contact us page, after discussing alot of how the website would operate.
WE had two ideas: either a user would sign in to register switches and make listings or we would make the switches and listings via switchie.
We were more in favour of the last idea, though it seemed rather impractical firstly, becuase it would be easier for us to create the website and would bypass several social and ethical issues.
Ebay, apparently has a listing form so we could have something like that.
this probably needed more discussion