work at house =D

posted Aug 8, 2012, 3:23 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar   [ updated Aug 10, 2012, 2:51 AM ]
so as chrissie said in our last post we met up at moi house to do some hardcore work cos we were kinda doomed for the assignment =D

so we started off doing some individual group work for about and hour and a half, and then some group work. 
So i started off doing the buisness spreadsheet, and that was sort of tied together with elaine's catalogue, so we worked on how much each membership would cost, and then i sort of calculated the income and then profit through excel. 
So i decided we would earn income through three main ways: memberships, insurance and shipping costs.
We had guest, basic premium and platinum, all at different prices and i worked out that if we had 70 users and 10 guest users we would earn $1300 monthly. (we would probably increase the number of members next time) 
From insurance each membership would pay $5 extra, except guest where insurance is covered in the cost and hence we would earn $350 
For shipping, we would be inconjunction with Australian Post, and we would earn an additional $0.50 per delivery. From this, we hope to earn about $100 (200 switches a month) 
Therefore, our income would be $1750
I then had to work out expenses
And like i decided our expenses would be in three main categories: 
Employees, advertising and sponshership.
So employees, was where alot of our income would go, and for the time being i would give them $1000, i realised that was really little but i decided to solve that problem later =D
Advertising was $200 and sponsership was $100. 
So basically our pure profit was $300 per month, im not sure if thats really good or really bad :/ i decided to discuss it with other groups later =DAlso for my second half of individual work, i worked on the corporate blog which was where i added 4 new posts =D YAY! 

Chrissie, meanwhile was working on the design report, where she basically had to write down bits and pieces of how we put our website together. She was basically half way there(: WHICH IS SEHR GOOD =) she also worked on editing our 7 processes, as the last time we had worked on these as a group, they were only half finished :/ OOPS.(: She edited them and made them longer so they were about 500 words which is really really good 

Elaine was then working on our website and the catalogue. She made a new page and wrote up all the criteria, it was undering the heading of membership fees, she then used paint to create like different colour circles, that ended up looking really really pretty. She also made the page for insurance, which would correspond on my blog post that i created, introducing the insurance policy.She also worked on our facebook page, and figuring out a way to add it onto our page, as well as editing the slideshow.