meeting up (:

posted Aug 7, 2012, 11:48 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 11, 2012, 10:32 PM ]
HELLOOOOOOOO EVERYONEEEE ! we are all currently at tharsh's house working woot woot ! soooooooo.. we decided to work on the theorybit  because we are sortaaa behind and our public website loooks alright. Tharsh also constantly reminded us that ITS DUE NEXT FRIDAY !! 

ok so i know i should have edited the post before, but i'm gonna quickly do it now.  tharsh already told you what she did and now i am gonna tell you what i did. I managed to work on completing the rest of the construction bit in the design report and i also tweaked bits of our processes. It was actually really fun ! so yeah, umm i also got some input from the other guys about what to write so that was really good as well.

after we finished what we were doing individually, we then went and worked together on the blog. We managed to get a few photos onto the website of some of the clothes and accessories, and then we got sidetracked a bit, so elaine then did the rest at home. We also did some work on 'about switchie' but we didn't finish that either -.- but we luckily got most of it done. We were planning to work on the bit that said 'how we innovate with thechnology' and we found it sorta confusing so we left till the end, but then our parents came and we had to go. We managed to finish quite a lot, but we still have to finish a lot more !

bye for now (: