posted Aug 3, 2012, 2:03 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 3, 2012, 2:04 AM ]
so umm.. i sorta made a post in ipt and saved it as a draft and now its vanished :/ ahaha lol so i just made a new one. me, tharsh and elaine in our double period today did some work together but also did some individual work on the website which actually went quite productively to my surprise. So i worked on mostly just editing our employee information because it was really dodgy ! tharsh had made all our employees her favorite book/movie characters, so it was an absolute must that it was changed, considering it was mostly harry potter/ good luck charlie/ baby sitter's club. 

So i started working on it and managed to edit one of the employee's and make it actually sound alright. I kept tharsh's subtitles though as they were pretty good. Yeah, so i had to change the name and i didn't think we were actually going to use our own names (we decided this a few days ago) and also change their information entirely which was a total pain. 

When i got home i did some work on the design report that i was doing yesterday like i had said, so i kept my word. I asked tharsh and elaine how much they wanted so they just said around 1-2 pages and i had just started and was up to like our 3rd post and i had already written basically half a page, so i would edit if i needed to at the end. I was hoping to finish everything on saturday because i had band camp sun-tues and we were meeting up on wednesday so we could make some more progress on our website. I think elaine hasn't really finished her post but she made a major breakthrough on our website, so be excited ! 

i probably will be making a post tmrw, so byeeee, see you soon (: