posted Aug 5, 2012, 4:05 AM by Tharsini Urutherakumar
So, today i was really bored and so i did a bit of work on the employee information, BUT only a little.(:
So i basically fixed the last few up because as chrissie said, they were kind of lame!(:
the most exciting part was where i got to create a page for myself!
as i told you in my previous post..I WAS GOING TO BE AN EMPLOYEE =D
hehe so i made like a page and i wroteee a bit of info on my page =) 
i also fixed up a few of the other employees, but what i found really difficult was like trying to think of different employee stories for them, i had to like meddle around abit but...chrissie and elaine can always edit =D 
And then i was just looking at the website when i realised that i didnt really like the didnt really look pretty..
and then i had this wierd brainwave, where i though maybe we could cut out the subheadings cos they made it look ugly and just have one blob of info, and like it doesnt sound really appealing, but it would basically be like
italics under the name and then normal writing because most of my info tied together anyway. 
HMMM food for thought!
anyways CIAO ~