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Fourteenth with Four days to go!

posted Aug 11, 2012, 6:36 PM by Unknown user
WOW ITS NEARLY TIME!!! The whole morning I have been working on the slideshow which is going on the front page/home page of the website. I used a website called Kizoa (courtesy of Elaine), which allows you to make slideshows collages etc. I included pictures and prices if popular current games played by children/teenagers around our age. I feel the pictures are quite pixelated/blurry since I took small pictures and stretched them. That's something I could improve upon but i decided I would leave it since you have to redo the slideshow to replace the pictures.

Today I would also like to finish of my blog, so tomorrow we can put our whole website together like how we planned. I have got most of the blog together i would just like to add some more stuff. We have all been doing our work on google docs like we planned and in the end we will put them all on our cool as website! Its actually quite exciting- making your own website!