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Lean, mean thirteen!

posted Aug 2, 2012, 1:32 AM by Unknown user
Pretty much the only thing I am proud of right now is my title since I forgot to post before )': BUT since the weeks are dwindling down, we are not writing as much as we did before and are just trying to refine things e.g. how to structure sentences better since we would like to sound professional but not too formal. 

On Wednesday after grade sport we met up and talked about our project. I put forward the idea of having some of the games that the SDD students made uploaded to our site, as users uploading games. We all became really excited, but then discovered that their games are still a work in progress. Shoot. Anyway during this we realised that if users were going to be able to upload or send games to their friends, we would need some sort of screening process in case there are some.... indelicate games (Ann's words). 

Two more weeks to go! We are all a little concerned if our joint work is good enough, since it is supposed to be something that more than one person is able to achieve. Even so, I am very happy about the work we have done. It is all in Google Docs waiting to be approved by all of us and once we are done, it shall be put up on our beautiful website, courtesy of Vishni. We are all a little regretful about not being able to post a game on our website, but if we as a group tried to make a game, it would probably turn out to be a little awful. And may just ruin the site.