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The Seventh :O

posted Jul 2, 2012, 3:09 AM by Unknown user
Just because it's the holidays, it doesn't mean work isn't going to be done!
We've given thought into how the biography on the various occupations, and how it's going to be set out.
Also the group logo has been thought about, and we've decided to go simple instead of the previous thoughts we've had.
Also wouldn't it be cool if the logo changed every so often according to special events or something? Or the end users could submit ideas of their own in a chance for it to be displayed for a certain period of time. This also earns them ClickIt points :D
We're also thinking of meeting up someday in this holiday to further discuss the various aspects in our website as we want to keep it as simple as possible without confusing or boring the users.

Profit shouldn't be an issue with the amount of merchandise that is going to be sold (hopefully) and we can display ads on our page for our website to further gain income. 
We're also conducting further research into the possible games we could add onto the page and as for the setup we've also played/experimented around during class and our own free time.