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The Tenth One.

posted Jul 19, 2012, 6:08 PM by Unknown user
After being alloted around about a period to work on our group assignemnts... WHICH IS ONLY THREE AND A BIT WEEKS LEFT, we decided we really needed to get a fast move on our progress ohoho. SO we split the tasks but we still talked to each other and make comments critiquing in a good way. 
I spent some time on the visual aspects of our group assignment. This included the group logo (which was created with various online logo generators) and some fiddling around on the the group website. WHICH NOONE CAN SEE AHAHAH. 
Ahem. It's actually getting quite techy, and seeing as none of our group members are talented in that particular field, we decided to resort to google to provide us the infomation to continue :D
I generated many logo's and they were all inspected by the other two memebrs. The ones that were cool are now saved onto my usb for later editing and such. :D