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The Twelve Days of Gaming!

posted Jul 26, 2012, 3:07 AM by Unknown user
Today and this past week (since I forgot to do a post), I have been working on the blog! 
-'game of the week'- the game of the week will be on sale or even free and all the games will be rated or you can give your own rating. 
- Game Makers favourite games- which includes the most recommended games by staff.
We will also send out emails of updates to promote our games and website. We may even give out emails for notifications.     
- New games this week- which will include games that have been recently added or made.
- Games with the highest ratings by you(the people who plays games on the site)
- New game categories that we might introduce- we will organise the games into categories like action, puzzle, adventure, mystery, kids, girls etc.
- Most popular games- we will have a counter that keeps track of how many times people have played that game(like the view on youtube) and people can vote for their favourite games on our weekly survey/poll that will be sent by email.