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Reviews for the Trailer!

posted Jun 2, 2013, 4:24 PM by Unknown user
The reviews I recieved for the trailer mostly commented that the trailer was scary or creepy, which was my aim for my mystery short film. A lot of the reviews also commented on the choppiness of the stop mation in the question where I asked for suggestions for improvement. I realised that it was because my digital camera needed force to push its button through two indents to actually take the picture, during the process which moved its fixed position. I realised I could not fix this problem no matter how hard I set the tripod. During the weekend I looked through several shopping malls and Parklea markets, but I have yet to find a case for my phone which would allow it to be attached to the tripod. However, I met a stall owner at Parklea markets who said he might have the case next weekend, but he wasn't sure, and told me to just check in. I think I will do this but if I really can't find a case, I will just use my digital camera again.