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Preparation and Thinking involved... :D

posted Mar 27, 2012, 3:15 AM by Unknown user
So this times register post is going to be about my thoughts about my posters and all the attractive merchandise/advertising I will have.

- Shaped like a troll face maybe?
- Include meeting times and a place to chat
- Text : (Can be changed later, this is just for now) Ruse was made for trollz who were too smart for school... Come find out how to be one at *meeting place/time insert*
- Background : troll face
- Informational text : This group is intended to brighten up the Ruse environment etc.etc. (still thinking)

- Have a FUUUUUUUU meme shirt
- Text bubble : FUUUUUU I should have joined Just for Trollz
- Have a Forever Alone meme shirt
- Text bubble : Without Just for Trollz I would have been forever alone...
- Have a troll meme shirt
- Text bubble : Just for Trollz... Problem?

Stickers (to stick onto shirts or books etc)
- Troll face on the sticker
- Text : Just for Trollz ... Problem?

I am still in the process of analysing this and I shall review all my descisions.  I will have to fix up a lot of this and I probably won't actually make the shirt but I will graphically design it. (:

LOL its 9:15 at night... im going to sleep now (:
Lachlan Lau