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1.5 K word document postponed?

posted Jun 19, 2013, 8:38 PM by Unknown user

I have been told today we don't have to hand in our 1.5K document until next term.  Only our video/website has to be completed.  This puts a lot of stress off by back and everything is going smoothly again.   Going to finish off the video hopefully by Friday.
Keep in contact, bye.

Project Report

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:36 PM by Unknown user

I found out just then that I need to hand in a 1500 word article explaining the following:
i. Rationale for the specific components included in the multimedia system (with regard to the usefulness of each media type and the achievement of the system’s purpose)
ii. Outline of the key difficulties encountered during the development process
iii. Evaluation of the project management techniques used in the design and production of the final product
Marks will be awarded for
◊ Demonstration of competence in the learning outcomes listed above
◊ Balance between scope and depth in the completed product
◊ Depth and clarity of project documentation
I guess I could write about for:
i. - videos/images
- sound effects/ background music
- text
ii. - getting all the online clips (having to create a fake facebook account)
- downloading the required software to edit and video on the computer
- cutting the clips/editing (manual labour/takes a long time)
- different ways of how to employ the big reveal at the end of the video (to scare the view with a bang)
- story board (understanding of the mystery)
iii. write in fluent and sophisticated language
Should be all good.

Emma Chen?

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:25 PM by Unknown user

I figured out that to keep the audience interested and the video flowing, maybe instead of the typing sound effects for the letter, maybe Emma Chen could do a voice over for those clips?
- interests viewers
- video flows better
- give some background context to Redhotxx21
- May take away from the unsettling feel
- She may not be free to do voice overs
- Her voice may seem too girly and nice to fit the atmosphere
I'll ask other people about the idea and I may/may not employ the idea.
Bye bye

In class atm.

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:19 PM by Unknown user

I'm in IPT currently and Mr Woo has reminded us about our Major Solo Projects.  During this lesson, I plan to find all the various pictures which are higher quality to improve the aesthetics of the video.  Many of the pictures are quite blurry and are in need of a change.
Hopefully, I can get all the audio and pictures/videos to be smoother by the end of tomorrow and then I plan to get the story board in chronological order.  Going off to work and it should take the rest of the lesson to update the video.
See you m8

Due next week.

posted Jun 16, 2013, 11:10 PM by Unknown user

The assignment, I found out today, is due next week and I am going to put on the pedal for this assignment. 
I am going to change the music today.  A tip from Mr Woo is that the music should not overpower the voice over and also that the music should fade in and out slowly.  I'll add sound effects from games like level up noises and pacman death sounds.  This will keep the gaming/technology atmosphere.
Hopefully the music I use will be upbeat so that the music will entertain and keep the video flowing.  Stagnant videos make the audience bored and the unsettling tone will be disturbed.
Hope these changes will aid the video.

HSC IPT Major Project - Stage 2

posted Jun 16, 2013, 11:02 PM by Unknown user

I recieved the the marking rubric back from Mr Woo.  His comments has been reinforcing with quotes such as "compelling and deeping unsettling" and "effective prototype".  It seems like I'm on the right track with this assignment.
Some comments with the feedback (changes I need to implement on the video) are:
- clarify the story/change the storyboard so the video flows and is understandable
- alter some pictures as they don't fit the atmosphere
- ensure the high quality pictures are employed
- I require far more sound effects and background noise to keep the tempo of the video
- transitions will be kept clean and not too wild
I will post back the changes as they occur

Halfway mark (Checkpoint?)

posted May 13, 2013, 7:38 PM by Unknown user

I'm roughly at the halfway mark. yeaah bby.  Pretty much to finish I have to collect some more clips and round off some editing in movie maker.  Next week is half yearlies so I don't have lots of time to complete it.  I have to finish off my voice overs too which might take a while.  After that, prototype complete.
Ggwp, Lau


posted Apr 18, 2013, 6:43 PM by Unknown user

This gives me plenty of time to study my IPT and try to complete my IPT solo project.  At the moment I am currently trying to film out some scenem etc. and with the substantial footage, hopefully contruct a comprehensive flowing video.

There isn't much else I can talk about tbh.  Working hard atm.



posted Mar 20, 2013, 4:47 PM by Unknown user

I have finally found my High definition, stabilizer, 40x zoom, dual card video camera to film.  I tried to make a story board like the professionals do but its taking a bit too long so I might ceebs.  I have asked Emma and she said yes so we will be filming relatively soon.  Hopefully everything goes to plan and we get things done and don't get distracted.  I have to make sure that the camera is recharged so there is no wasting time.
I plan to film hopefully, next week and yeh, gg?
- Lachlan Lau

Procrastination Kicks In.

posted Feb 16, 2013, 5:14 PM by Unknown user

So. It has been a while.  I've got a load of assignments but i feel motivated to do this for some odd reason! Let's get cracking.

I've been looking at the Major Solo Project sheet and it says that the "Planning stage" is due this Wednesday! I'm struggling to understand what in the world is the system's purpose.  I guess my idea is based around a loner boy who likes technology a bit much and he is the one sitting in the corner every lunch playing with his phone or laptop.  He has a proxy so he can access Facebook at school. Redhotxx21 adds him on Facebook (his first friend request so he must accept, he is so happy). She sends him an email.  I'm not sure but lets say that he is searching for love and company.  The message is from "Redhotxx21".  The hidden message behind this name is red hot, which lets say he is going to be burned to death or something :P.  "xx" which is dead cross eyes.  "21" lets say it is in T2.1.

LOL I just came up with something. Lets say the email tells him to make his way down to the technology block to see her.  So he goes and plods along. When he gets to the T block he sees a "saw" on the desk which has in red neat handwritting, "Let's play a game (:." Do you get the reference? I'll make it neat because it makes it less suspicious, also because he likes technology he probably likes games too.

LOL! I just found a game called "Playing with Fire" There is an actual message saying "You have lost your mates. You're on your own. The local neighbourhood gang are hunting you down.  Blast your way to them and escape before they kill you!". "" There is the link to the game.  He luckily wins the game and he is so pleased. Let's take the game seriously and maybe if he didn't win he would be killed. I'm not sure but it will make sense later on. Afterward, she sends an email saying "We are the perfect "match"".  Match being that he is going to be lit on fire. In the email it also says "Your "Final Destination" is  T2.1. WTM?! I just searched up 21 Matches and apparently its a game! Oh this is perfect :').  Maybe in the email she says lets play 21 Matches in T2.1.  Oh and it is going to be in video form, let's say that because he likes technology, he makes vlogs or something.

When he gets there they play out of 3 matches (another pun).  She beats him 1 out of 3 and he is halfway through the 2nd match and he knows he is going to lose. He doesn't want to play anymore because he doesn't like losing.  He gets enraged and tries to leave the room but the door won't budge.  He gets a text message, "You can't leave now... we haven't finished playing yet.. (:"  Oh and maybe because remember the "Playing with Fire" game? He didn't win so he can't escape and he is going to die!

A week later, on the news, T2.1 up in flames.  When forensics got there nothing remained.. no traces left.  Maybe the body was burnt? The student never returned to school. I'll add in all the hidden tips that I made, similar to what was done in "A1's challenge".

Finishing clip shows Lachlan Lau getting a friend request on Facebook.  It is Redhotxx21.  Shows *this person is typing* Let's Play a Game (:.  FINITO.

To me it doesn't sound too bad. So LOL to answer the question. To me the system's purpose for this is to find some company and love due to his isolation from school? Also, to never trust anyone who has added you on facebook or email or something.

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