that's weather in straya for ya, mate...

posted Jun 22, 2013, 9:27 PM by Unknown user
ok so good news is, it's stopped raining! bad news is... it's going to start up again, it's been very frequent.and the wind was picked up in the audio of my trial filming, when i went to the backyard just to test.
i've decided to, instead of filming with my top of the range, high end 12mp HD phone camera, to instead use the iPod Touch 4th gen one. Why I hear you ask? WHY? THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN.
the reason is because of the audio issue with my phone. even if i plug in the headset, audio is still recorded with the internal microphone, thus picking up a lot of background noise. with the ipod, i can plug in a headset and the audio is gained from the attached microphone! this is a lot better, i guess video quality won't be as great but it'll still be pretty good!
i hope.
besides that debacle...
mon-thurs next week i have something on after school defs. and plus, with src week and my afforementioned cert comm and all (see previous post), i don't know when i'll have the time to. i won't be able to film this weekend, fairly certain about that, I'll just have to ask mr woo for an extension i think :/